A true and supportive friendship between two women – or men, or goats... we don't discriminate – is something beautiful. For the two of us it's a bottomless fountain of inspiration. So, to cut it short; this is what our blog is about. The things that we care about and think about. Things that we want and things that we have and love. 

The concept behind this blog might be a bit lacking at times, but our content is authentic and made with love and care. We enjoy everything contemporary and urban, be it art, fashion or pop culture. Our neverending search for fresh fashion, music and the next big food thing (hiya, Avocado toast!) mainly takes place in the streets of Cologne and Berlin (in our home zone, so to say), but also in our heads, online and during our numerous fun field trips. 

We hope that we can offer a some inspiriation, food for thought and the occasional laugh, dear reader, so kick back and enjoy!

One love. xo, Tina and Nina

Contact: hello@lanalankowski.com

Nina about Tina

Why is Tina your friend?

That's a simple enough question, the answer ist just as simple; because she truly understands me. I can call her and talk to her at any given time and discuss whatever I want or need to discuss with her, and she'll get me and my point of view. Most of the time we share the same opinion, but even if we don't, I know that mah gurl has my back. Also, I love her sense of humor, she makes me laugh and we have our own weird way of talking to each other. 


What is Tina's biggest talent? 

Well, Tina is a woman with quite a bunch of talents and virtues, but there are a couple of things, that she really excels in. Dancing is definitely one of those things, she loves dancing and she's really really good at it. She has the best taste in music of all people that I know and she's quite the accomplished cook and homemaker. She also has a knack for Social Media, which is probably something, that comes in handy in a professional environment. 


The weirdest thing about Tina 

Tina has this profound love for cheese. She really likes cheesy dishes and if anything can make her glow from the inside with pure joy, than it's probably cheese. The other weird thing about Tina is something that we definitely have in common; she tends to get anxious about things that she can't control. And last but not least, she really doesn't like to be filmed or use Snapchat for that matter. 


How would you describe Tinas style?

Tina is a sneakerhead, though I feel like her long, silky hair is her signature feature. The girl has had the same haircut for the last 15 years or so and that is actually a great thing. Why change something, when it's perfect already? Apart from that, the T is all about street style, without looking masculine or tomboyish though. She likes to wear men's apparel and she combines it well with feminine clothes and accessories. Tina is doing her own thing and that's what I love about her style. She's not a sucker for fashion trends and she knows exactly what looks good on her and what not. She draws inspiration from the Hip Hop-culture of the past and present.


Tina about Nina

Why is Nina your friend?

It doesn’t matter how small or how big a problem I might have or what time it might be - I know that I can always count on her. She doesn’t just listen to me, she really understands me. We can talk about everything and we never run out of topics ever. I also love the honesty in our friendship, if there’s an issue, we can always talk about it without getting mad at each other.

Then there’s also our own dynamic and a sense of humour that we share that sometimes no one else really understands - priceless.


Her biggest talent

What never ceases to amaze me, is that she’s a fucking great writer. How can one express oneself so well? I could read her texts and articles all day long and I am also still waiting for a book that she yet has to write.

She is also the best motivator. After talking to her I always feel (even) better. And this girl also has massive brains -  for real now, it feels like she knows everything. Ask her anything about history, society or quantum physics - she knows the answer.


The weirdest thing about her

We actually share a love for pizza, bagels, cheese - and most importantly potato chips. But you know, sometimes this girl is telling me that she also likes raw vegan food. Son, are you kidding me?


Her style

I've known Nina for 10 years now and she always has had her own style. I love that she doesn’t let trends dictate what she’s wearing and that she just wears those kind of clothes that she really likes. She’s true to herself and to her own style. It doesn’t matter if she’s leaving the house for grocery shopping or if she goes to a fancy dinner - she always finds a cool, suitable and stylish outfit without standing in front of her closet for 2 ½ hours. She’s just got style.