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There was a time back in the day when color coordinated clothes were all the rage. Some of us will remember the movie Clueless, in which Cher and her friend Dione took the color-coordinated look to extremes. But for quite some time this has been out of fashion and something that is best left to conservative middle-aged housewives. This is totally understandable though, since a not well thought-through color coordinated look  can make one appear a bit stuffy at best and totally tacky in the worst case.

And also this is the real world and not Cher’s weird 90’s glamour bubblegum high-school world (which is ultimately a parody anyway).

But I gave this whole thing some thought and decided to give it a go anyway.  The pros might be daring enough here to try a casual, streetwear-y outfit, but I stuck to what I know and went for a bit of a classic. And classic is the keyword here. A shirt and a coat with a good clean cut and no fripperies one can wear in almost any color. And since flare pants make every outfit a tad bohemian I put the pieces together that match color-wise and voilà… I’d take the outfit for a good old-fashioned stroll in a nice museum or even dare to wear to the office. After all, I find it quite hard, to put together non-boring office outfits.

The color coordinated outfit and what makes it really good or bad is still a bit of a fashion mystery though, but something that leaves room for creativity, that’s for sure.

Coat: Sisley, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Calzedonia, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger, Hat: Some hat shop, Necklace: Jonathan Johnson, Bag: Borrowed from my mother in law

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