Straight Outta Bed - A perfect Out of Bed Look

Out of Bed Look

Everytime I go through my closet to pick a blog outfit it is somehow important for the outfit to have some value – be it for day to day life or a special occasion. This Out of Bed Look ist definitely this kind of outfit and I’d subsume it under the category “It’s sunday, I just woke up and don’t need to look fancy for lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant.”

There simply are days on which you don’t want to put too much effort in styling and make up plus standing in front of the closet for ten hours but still don’t want to look like someone crapped on you, do you?

So here are some rules that you should keep in mind for an Out of Bed (or pajama) Look:

  1. Wear a beanie so you don’t have to think about styling your hair.
  2. A comfy hoodie, preferably oversized and of course stolen from the bf (as always)
  3. Pants, that you don’t have to squeeze yourself into. You shouldn’t feel like head cheese on Sundays.
  4. Last but not least a fancy pair of sneakers, like the Puma by Rihanna Velvet Creepers and blingy earrings, so that you don’t look like a total bum.

Here you go – an Out of Bed Look which even looks pretty cool in the end. I must say that I didn’t feel that comfortable in an outfit for a long time.

Straight Outta Bed - A perfect Out of Bed Look

Straight Outta Bed - A perfect Out of Bed Look

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