So, when it comes to packing  travel basics for a particular destination, I often enough find myself consulting the internet. Needless to say that there is a great number of somewhat useful tips and lists. But what are travel essentials in the first place? Well, first of all I have no idea what the vastly accepted definition is, but I know what they are to me.

So, travel basics have to be…


This kind of item should not take up too much space and actually be appropriate for the trip. Shoes that are light and comfortable, but a bit more of a shoe than a pair of flip-flops were perfect for the volatile Thai weather during my stay there.


Since it makes no sense to pack a Million Versions of the same Item (e.g. handbags, sunglasses etc.) it’s always good to have something that one can use/wear to several occasions, like a bag that can be worn as a handbag and backpack.

Easily combinable

As much as we all love our super special future fashion fail items, I think it’s important to keep in mind that it definitely makes sense to pack a bunch of items that go well with the crazy pieces. So, I always try to hold myself back and pack the basics first (applies to make-up as well btw).


I am still at apprentice-level when it comes to the great art of packing travel basics, but hope never dies, right? Right! So I decided to be strong and stick to the necessities, when traveling in the future. I mean, what does one need the dark green glitter eyeshadow for, when packing for a five-day skiing trip? Hmm… but what if I get invited to… NO! You won’t!!! Leave it at home and rather pack a chapstick with a high protection factor against sunburn.


Ok, with all the being reasonable and basic, it is very important not to forget the fun. Since I managed to be a good girl, and not go overboard with make-up for my Thailand trip (I mean the stuff melts away after two seconds on your face anyway), I decided to pack one or two fun lipstick colors and I bought some pretty and special jewelry items, which did a lot for my super-colorful (go team basic!) outfits.

And here are my must have travel basics  (the ones below or similar ones) for a trip to Thailand. As always comments and suggestions as well as your packing rules and advice are very welcome.

Travel Basics for Thailand

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